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City sunset as captured by the photographer  February 11, 2017

Filed under: poetry pops — Stephanie @ 9:26 pm

And the sky flames in a brilliant display of orange and
red and yellow, a fiery explosion
of the ending day.

The jagged outline of the city, the black buildings–that
shine so bright in daylight–standing still, tall and dark
in the burning sky.

The cars, headlights and taillights;
glowing in the semi-dark sunset light,
captured motionless now.

Twin stop lights glaring,
red eyes stare intensely back at me,
looking down Shelby Street.

The waxing gibbous moon burns, too,
reflecting the relentless,
dying passion of the sun.

And the spindly branches of leafless trees
stand stark in their blackness against the glory of the
sun, the wedding of day and night.

©stephanie g. pepper


One Response to “City sunset as captured by the photographer ”

  1. Joy Says:

    Powerful images. The closing metaphor intrigues, lingers in my mind.


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