…learning to live a life filtered by the truth of the gospel.

why life:filtered? June 30, 2013

This blog, this is where I share my story. My sometimes ugly, sometimes beautiful, always redeemed story.


Yep. Redeemed.

See, I believe Jesus was everything he said he was. That he lived a perfect life, died in my stead and on the third day the Father raised him up from the grave, never again to taste death thereby gaining victory over it. Then he poured that victory over, in, around and through my life.

And this truth, this is what I filter my life through. As he pours his life into me, my impurities are slowly filtered out.

And so, the way I see my life and world changes.

But this isn’t a pair of rose-colored glasses that make this life pretty or easy or perfect. Life can still be hard and there’s a lot of ugly still left. The world is still full of violence and hunger and evil. I haven’t closed my eyes to the pain and sorrow and suffering. If anything, this gospel filter makes it tougher to tolerate the hard because I know this is not how it’s supposed to be.

But yet, there’s hope.

One day the whole sad, hard, ugly mess of life will be made new.

My story; your story; the world’s story.

Bought back from death.


© stephanie pepper, 2013


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